Resurgam Angus
The natural choice for Grass-fed Angus

The Resurgam Angus Program

The Resurgam Angus program maintains a 100 head registered Angus herd plus 50 head commercial Angus cows. The farm consists of 530 acres of grass pasture which sustains the herd. The cows are run in conjunction with sheep under an integrated grazing system.

The use of AI is going to be used over 15 mth heifers and a proportion of the herd to create a strong foundation of the best genetics in the breed. In addition, having an embryo program allows us to rebuild from some of the top females within the herd and also key Females are added to the herd. Together, these programs have resulted in several generations of:
  • strong maternal traits
  • moderate growth
  • positive carcass

Our policy is to use proven genetics within the gene pool that we are working with.


In 2000 an opportunity arose to purchase 25 heifers from Waimata Angus in Gisborne which contained the "Pure New Zealand" genetic that go back to original Scottish cattle that came to NZ. Thus began the change of focus to re-establish these genetics.

Also 8 PNZ heifers were purchased from Kenhardt Angus in Nuhaka. In 2002 5 more Waimata heifers were purchased. And 3 Kenhardt cows were added with one suitable for flushing. We have flushed this cow and her full sister and ended up with 8 live calves from both cows.

In 2006 20 more Waimata Angus Pure NZ mixed age cows were added to the herd. These cows were incalf to a bull whose dam was by Waiwera Bernard G323. We were also at the same time able to secure 5 key Pure NZ cows from the Waiwera Angus in the Motu at Matawai. These cows were exceptional and we feel privileged to have been able to purchase these cows. They epitomize the type of Angus we would like to breed long term. We have flushed 2 of these cows and placed 8 top grade embryos into recipient heifers. We look forward to these genetics coming through the herd.

We have also secured some Pure NZ embryos out of a Hingaia Tex 469 daughter by Pinebank Waigroup 41/97.

Bulls - Herd Sires

In 1998 we purchased Waiwera Zeus I474 for his calving ease, constitution, foot structure and type. He has that typical Waiwera easy doing ability and depth of body.

In 2002 Waimata Blu-print G436 was added for his thickness, temperament and pedigree combining the Ramble and Buck maternal bloodlines.

In 2004 we purchased the Waitawheta X69 known as "Buck". He was selected because he was by Waimata E230 who we rate very highly and is being sought after in Australia. Waitawheta X69 is doubly bred to the now most famous Pure NZ bulls of the last 15 years Hingaia Tex 469.

In January 2006 we were able to secure another Waimata E230 son Waitawheta X47 to replace Waitawheta X69 when he had injured himself.

This bull traces back to Hingaia Tex 469 3 times. Both these Waitawheta bulls have a lot of length and are very maternal bulls. Waitawheta X47 will be known as "Lad".

In November 2006 we were fortunate to be able to purchase jointly with Waimata Angus a bull we rate very highly - Mainstream Mate 301 ET. Mate is a wide based young pure New Zealand sire with muscle mass and capacity second to none. He is out of a very productive donor cow Matauri I831 with exceptional milk and udder quality by a super thick older bull Wharekowka Mate.

Bulls - AI Sires

Waimata E230

Waimata E230 is a powerfully made wide based sire that passes on volume and depth of quarter to his progeny right up amongst the best in the breed. His Dam is a very productive, good uddered, Hingaia Tex 469 daughter. Waimata E230 ranks as the hi-growth sire in the Pure NZ Bloodline Pool.

Pinebank Waigroup 41/97

Pinebank Waigroup 41/97 has a mature weight on pasture of 1195 kgs and a frame score of 5.1. 41/97 has an exceptional temperament and is an extremely sound footed bull with good leg structure. 41/97 has a 46 centimetre scrotal circumference. Both 41/97 dam and grand dam had 11 calves as well as both producing 5 herdsí sires to date. 41/97 daughters average calf weight (at 200 days of age) expressed as a percentage of dams liveweight is 61%. 41/97 is a 10 year old bull still working in steep country. 41/97 also has a very tightly knit pedigree.

Turihaua Campbell Q197

Turihaua Campbell Q 197 was bred in the herd which recently celebrated 100 years of breeding Angus. Turihaua Campbell is a senior herd sire who had a huge impact in the Turihaua herd. His progeny are showing plenty of muscle and style with excellent structure. He is a more traditional sire with pure NZ genetics. Turihaua Campbell is a very versatile sire and can be used successfully across heifers or mixed age cows. He has thickness and depth and is stacked with meat. As a rising ten year old he is perfectly sound and has maintained excellent leg structure.