Resurgam Angus
The natural choice for Grass-fed Angus

Senior Sires

Resurgam Buck S277


"Resurgam Buck S277 is the most exciting Pure NZ calf I have seen in my travels in 2007". "S277 has balance, style, and presence with a great pedigree". Lindsay Jones (SMS). S277 has great pedigree with the sires Hingaia 469 x2, York, Ramble and Matai x2 in the background. His progeny have a bit more frame, length and thickness with style. S277 is a Waimata E230 Grandson with Waimata E230 breeding well internationally. S277 was out of one of the best original Waimata heifers we purchased in 2000 Waimata K1167. S277 has a moderate birthweight, with good growth and good carcase data for a Pure NZ sire.

Resurgam Waiotane S263


Resurgam Waiotane S263 is a sire by Waimata E230 out of D1350 of Kenhardt. Waiotane S263 is a very deep sire with a lot capacity and girth. S263ís sonís have style to them. The first daughters we will be calved this year. He is very much a traditional type sire. S263 has a great temperament as well as topline. D1350 of Kenhardt was a donor cow.

Resurgam Mahuta S260


Resurgam Mahuta S260 is a direct son by the international Pure NZ sire Waimata E230 and out of E1420 of Kenhardt, a 13 year old cow from good old bloodlines. Mahuta is the most easy doing sire we are using at present. It is very hard to take weight off him. He is very deep bodied right through and has a very good topline. He has an exceptional temperament and is a worker. Mahuta combines a modern Pure NZ sire with old blood from the dam. E1420 of Kenhardt is out of the best Pure NZ dam line from the Kenhardt Angus stud and was a donor cow. S260 is very similar blood to Resurgam Waiotane S263. So far calves by Mahuta are deeper, wider based and thicker. Mahuta was initially used over commercial cattle with good results.

Resurgam Ngahere U407


Resurgam Ngahere U407ís dam Resurgam Souvenir S253 is a full sister to Resurgam Waiotane S263 out of the widely used locally and international sire Pinebank Waigroup 41/97 we have used Ngahere as a yearling and his first set of calves are showing a lot of qualities that we are looking for in our cattle. Ngahere is out of a 1st calving heifer. We have given him a larger group of cows to service this after seeing his calves. He is very well put together, again with a good topline. U407 has width, depth, fat cover and is also an easy doing sire.

Resurgam Blu-print T368


Resurgam Blu-print T368 has Matai 546 in his pedigree 3 times. Matai 546 was a bloodline that we were looking for in our original heifers we purchased from Waimata Angus. His sire Resurgam Blu-print P215 is the heaviest bull calf we have reared to date out of a 14 year old cow. T368 grand dam is E1420 of Kenhardt, a donor and out the best Pure NZ cow family from Kenhardt. T368 has a lot of depth, width (possibly the widest based sire we have) with that great easy doing ability. T368ís dam Waimata K1147 was the most direct link to Matai 546 in pedigree and typifies that quality of Matai cows that we found on our first visit to Waimata Angus. Resurgam Blu-print T368 was used on commercial cows last year at Waitangihia Station and having seen his calves he was pulled into Stud duty this year. T368 is a bull who just keeps putting on condition. Blu-print T368 is a grandson of our foundation sire, Waimata Blu-print G436, who has left productive daughters that are doing a great job for us now.

Newer Sires

Resurgam Emblem T340


Resurgam Emblem T340 is out of a 2 year old heifer. Emblemís dam Resurgam Bright R234 is out of Waimata K1208, the easiest doing heifer we purchased from Waimata. This cow we just canít take weight off. Resurgam Bright R234 is following in her dam footsteps with her easy doing ability and has developed into a nice cow. T340 is by Waiwera Emblem I494 who has good old Puketutu Blood on his dam side. T340 has 4 x Matai 546 in his pedigree.

Resurgam Craigievar U410


Resurgam Craigievar U410 is sired by Resurgam Aspiration R232 out of a Waimata dam Waimata L1288. Waimata L1288 is also the dam of Waimata K818 who is the main herd sire at Aysgarth Angus in Te Awamutu. A well put together sire with a good topline and lots of natural thickness. Craigievar has 3 x Matai 546, Hingaia Tex x1, York of Kenhardt, Waimata E230. On the topside of the pedigree we also have Waimata K1167 a very productive cow. U410 is a lower birthweight sire.

Resurgam Bennachie U451


Resurgam Bennachie U451 is sired by Resurgam Inspiration S277 out of Waiwera I532, one of the last Pure NZ cows to come out of that good old herd based on Puketutu blood. Bennachie U451 has Matai x2, Waimata E230 x 1, with lots of old Puketutu blood on the dam side. On the topside of the pedigree we also have Waimata K1167 a very productive cow. Bennachie U451 is a moderate birthweight sire, with growth and also scanned well as an 18 month bull.

Resurgam Mate W562


Resurgam Mate W562 Resurgam Mate W562 is sired by Mainstream Mate 301 out of a Waimata Blu-print G436 daughter in Resurgam Dione 185. Mate W562 has a very good topline and is structurally very correct. W562 has a lot of depth, with a good hind quarter. W562 has a strong head and is a mobile free moving bull with a great temperament. The Waimata Blu-print G436 daughters are breeding very well for us and Resurgam Dione 185 rears a top calf each year. Mate W562 has Matai 546 x 2, Ramble 175/5 Of Kauere x 2, and Wharekowka Mate and Matauri I831 combination that worked so well. W562 has a bit more frame then his sire Mainstream Mate 301 with a lot of his sires great qualities.