Resurgam Angus
The natural choice for Grass-fed Angus

Key Females

Waimata K1167

A Waimata Buck 862 daughter. 1167 is a long bodied productive cow with great udder quality. She has reared a top calf each year. Two sons are retained for use within the herd.

Kenhardt E1420

A 14 year old Atomic of Turiroa daughter. Born 27/07/1992 is now deceased. E1420 was from the most productive family at Kenhardt Angus. E1420 has stood the test of time. Her bloodlines will continue through the two sons and three daughters in the herd. E1420 was a Donor dam.

Kenhardt D1350

Angus Farm

A 15 year old Atomic of Turiroa daughter who was also a full sister to E1420 above. Born 15/08/1991 she is now deceased. D1350 was a deep ribbed cow with great capacity. Her bloodlines will continue through the one son and three daughters in the herd. D1350 was a Donor dam.

Waiwera G333

Angus Farm

A 13 year old Waimata Zeus 643 daughter. G333 was bred by Peter & Dallas Richardson in the Motu, Matawai in the Gisborne region. Their herd, Waiwera, was based on Denny Johnstone's famous Puketutu bloodlines. They were cattle renowned with the ability to stand the test of time. G333 is a Donor dam.

Waiwera I530

Angus Farm

An 11 year old Waimata Zeus 643 daughter. I530 was the pick of the Waiwera cows purchased. I530 is a cow with great capacity and length. She has soundness second to none. The Waiwera herd were renowned for having great foot structure. I530 is a Donor dam.

Waitawheta 304 AB

304 is the most productive daughter of the great Hingaia Tex 469 in the Waitawheta herd. We flushed her in conjunction with Waitawheta and have a daughter by Waimata E230 in the herd continuing her legacy.

Matauri I831

I831 is the most dominant Pure NZ cow ever bred at Matauri. I831 is a highly maternal dam with great udder quality. Her sire Matauri Mason 517 was rated the best young sire to be used at Matauri up until the time of his sale at Matauri Female Dispersal Sale. Matauri I831 traces back to the famous Baker 631 sire five times.

Waiterenui Embelypta 528 AB

Angus Farm

Embelypta 528 is amongst the most productive daughters of Zulu 689 of Waimata. Embelypta 528 has the great Wharekowka Mate in her dam line. Embelypta 528 is a cow with exceptional capacity, reliability and soundness.

Fossil Creek Mandy 46-99

The Mandy family is from Pure New Zealand bloodlines going back to Kaharau Breeding. This cow sired by Tex 469 is very powerful, with tons of depth, width and volume. We have purchased embryos sired by Pinebank Waigroup 41/97.