Resurgam Angus
The natural choice for Grass-fed Angus
The obvious choice
For Pure New Zealand Angus the obvious choice is Resurgam Angus.
  • Naturally reared, grass-fed Angus cattle with all the mild mannered and rapidly maturing benefits you need.
  • Our Pure New Zealand Angus genetics trace from their Scottish roots.
  • Resurgam Angus, the thoroughbred among Angus.
Desired EBV traits - A Resugam Legacy
  • Ease of calving for limited birthing stress, which means more rapid fleshing.
  • Strong maternal milking gives the necessary nutrition for a calf with superior upbringing.
  • Moderate frame size for maximum focus on quality meat production.
  • Mild temperament to suit calm, hassle free herd management.
  • Large scrotal size for high fertility and excellent birth rates.

Resurgam Angus - Naturally Reared Cattle

Resurgam Angus is a leader in naturally reared Pure New Zealand Angus (PNZ) cattle genetics. Resurgam offer comprehensive pedigree and commercial Angus solutions. Improving the profitability of cattle breeding and raising natural beef for consumption are our prime objectives. A philosophy of linebreeding provides genetic stability, consistency and desired animal characteristics highly sought after in the commercial and beef industry.

Resurgam Angus sells cattle, semen and embryos internationally. We work very closely with a group of Resurgam Angus backed breeders to maintain the pure New Zealand distinct advantage. Resurgam Angus genetic specialists carefully select Angus cattle with attributes of easy calving, moderate frame, optimal but not excessive growth and quiet temperament. Their genetic expertise ensures that unstressed calves with excellent meat growth and high fertility are delivered.

Optimal Nutritional Beef

Natural, grass-fed cattle produce delicious, unmodified beef. Resurgam Angus do not use any hormones or growth enhancing additives. We produce highly sought after beef with excellent marbling. Angus - the beef that is found in the best restaurants.

Breeding Programme - Linebreeding

Resurgam Angus achieves progeny uniformity via selectively improving chosen traits. The result: confidence in successful breeding. Resurgam Angus's decision to adopt a linebreeding philosophy derived from its resulting genetic stability and consistency of results.

Your success similarly depends upon genetic stability, profitable genetic selection and unwavering attention to progeny monitoring.

Resurgam Angus has developed a breeding plan that focuses on Pure NZ genetics and sires are chosen for females based upon their performance within the herd. A desire for ease of cattle management is enabled by a selection process towards well-tempered cattle.

Angus combines well with all commercial breeds, high fertility, rapidly maturing cattle and excellent profitability.

Sires are available for sale as R1 & R2 Bulls annually by private treaty. Embryo's and semen are available also by negotiation. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs to find the perfect sire to service your herd.